About us

The PIONIER-CERT (former: POL34-CERT) is a Computer Security Incident Response Team that has been established to provide effective incident response service to members and users of Polish Scientific Broadband Network PIONIER (and POL34/622). The need for such a service has been repeatedly submitted by many parties, both users of our network and our external partners (network operators mainly).

The main purpose of this initiative is to establish a single point of contact for all security incidents involving hosts classified as belonging to the constituency of PIONIER-CERT. The primary goal is to provide active incident handling with high quality technical support which can be guaranteed by five-year experience acquired by the Security Team of Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center. As practical dealing with incidents is mainly related to the information analysis process, the team can also be considered as the coordination center managing actual responses and exchanging critical information among various interested parties.

The PIONIER-CERT Initiative should also be considered as the representative entity of PIONIER (and POL34/622) in security matters for any outside organizations.

The English version of this site is for information purposes only, as its main version, dedicated to the actual members of our constituency is in Polish. Therefore, the information hereby is limited only to the most necessary, which is supposed to help in reporting an accident involving a site belonging to our constituency. However, we do consider a possibility of providing some additional information in English (such as articles and some security tutorials)in the future.

More details according PIONIER-CERT can be found in its official description.