Authentication and PGP Keys

The communication via electronic mail is considered to provide very little or even no privacy for the information you send across the Internet. As electronic mail is considered to be the main channel for communicating with PIONIER-CERT (former: POL34-CERT), it is highly recommended to use an encryption mechanism based upon public keys (asymmetric cryptography). It should also be emphasized that according to the local policies, sending critical information by PIONIER-CERT without applying adequate technical solutions is not accepted.

PIONIER-CERT currently supports GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard), however messages signed with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) will also be accepted. The main GnuPG Key of PIONIER-CERT changes periodically every 6 months. The actual key can be downloaded below.

Key fingerprint:

65F6 5987 0A89 29CC 3AB0 080E E337 216D 0887 798C